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Because we need more RP.
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Over Time--RuUS Ficlets
Divinity: the quality of being divine; divine nature
The scars were starting to heal over. The war was long over, though at times it felt like just yesterday. He no longer felt the invisibles ties to Britain, no longer felt the steady flow of his energy going to the great empire. All his energy was reserved for himself, and for his people, and it was invigorating.
But he still had so much to learn. And it would be difficult to become a nation now.
Before his people started moving west, America liked to play in the untainted fields, rolling in the lush grass of playing with the buffalo, imagining himself to be younger again, before people were fighting over him and before he had to fight for himself. He loved these moments, getting away from the politics and the economic problems and just being…human. It was his absorption in this escape that prevented him from noticing he was being watched.
"These are your lands?"
The boy froze in the process of feeding carrots to a
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When I Was Four
When I was four, I told my parents what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I told them I wanted to direct people where to park at Disney World. Because at night, they had lights they could twirl and create patterns with.
Daddy got really angry.
When I was six, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I told her I wanted to be a rock star. People would love me and scream my name. I could provide for my entire family and we could turn on any radio station and my voice would be there and I could give mini concerts at Christmas and everybody would love me.
Almost everybody else in the class said the same thing.
When I was ten, I wondered what I would be when I grew up.
The rock star idea was gone. I didn't have the talents for it. My singing stayed in the shower. But I liked swimming. Water was refreshing. Maybe if I kept at it, I could get to the Olympics.
I just wished the chlorine wasn't so harsh on my eyes.
When I was fourteen, I was dead-
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Whereas your other pictures go for the 'cute-kitty' affect, you were obviously going for a more meaningful tone in this photo--and let ...



United States
Current Residence: We are not crazy here in, NJ
Favourite genre of music: Anything, really.
MP3 player of choice: Mai iPod Nano<33
Favourite cartoon character: Riku from Kingdom Hearts & Russia from Hetalia
Personal Quote: If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops...wouldn't that be problematic?
*EDIT*: I uploaded a mashing of clips from over the weekend. Included is the Organization doing the Caramelldansen from the AtOR panel, the Hetalia Wife Carrying Contest, and Hetalia Truth or Dare from Saturday night.…

At this point, I am not sure exactly whether or not I can think of this convention in completely positive lighting. Too much went wrong, with drama before, during, and after. I honestly want to just shoot some of my friends. It's not hard to answer your cell phones guys. Do not leave the group without letting others know where you are going. It was just way too much unnecessary stress that left me more tired than anything each day. I cannot say that I regret going though, as it was made fun by a whole ton of people.

Friday we got there around four-thirty. All of us were dressed up in casual Hetalia cosplays, with :iconbritiniplz: as Finland, :icontheschemingnocturne: as America, :iconsamsaysrawr: as Lithuania, and myself as Russia. We mostly chilled around and walked, meeting our schools friends and a bunch of Hetalia cosplayers hanging out in the hallway to fool around with. Then I went to KCP's Kingdom Hearts "Ask the Organization Returns" Panel, which was pretty fun. I finally met :iconwolfrun0: who I have been talking to since the end of last year's con. And then towards the end :iconlunagaiagoddess: was all "Alright, hate to break character...but do I actually know you?" So when I explained who I was I got a friendly scolding for not having mentioned it earlier. Because it would totally be easy to tell them while they're role playing in a panel. xD
That was basically Friday.

Saturday I cosplayed Xion while the others were Hetalia, and honestly, I have found I am probably done with cosplaying Xion after only wearing it to two conventions. I did not realize just how much I have gotten out of Kingdom Hearts until that day. I just have little interest in it any more, especially with the circular plot that will occur within the next game(s). The outfit is also starting to fall apart and the wig was too tight, and I refuse to spend more money on a cosplay I do not even enjoy wearing.
The Hetalia photoshoot, even if I could not join, was loads of fun! There were pictures--of course--ride the pony game, and a wife-carrying contest. It was all really adorable and my friend :icontheschemingnocturne: had an England riding on her back. :)
Later that night, I stood on line with some KCP members to discuss and listen to :iconlunagaiagoddess:'s explanation of her Steampunk story-line, and found out that they actually live in the town right over from us. Apparently the fact that I had not told :iconfinaldusk: was an abomination. Basically, these guys want to know everything about you or there will be problems. xD!
The UN Mock Summit was terrible organized. I left halfway through to play Apples-to-Apples with KCP. Listening to Dr. Who ramble n about why this card was better than that card for this card was amusing. xD

Sunday was super hot and I was super tired and it was just blurrrrgh. However, towards the end we made another Hetalia crack circle with people like :iconrubberduckies344:, :iconichbinlex:, :iconlovelyotaku:, and the three first nerds I mentioned in the beginning. We ate cold chicken, cake, and played truht or dare till the end of the con where I had to sit on Belarus' lap. Inner Russia was not happy, though I honestly liked her. She made an adorable Bella. |D

So while having some major successes, there were too many downfalls that made this year not nearly as good as lasts'. It may also have to do with the fact that my doctor is saying I am apparently having anxiety attacks due to stress? Guess if you're that stressed it is hard to just flip it off and completely have fun. I also missed :iconalchematized: all weekend and just wished she was there, especially when a cute pairing that is actually dating in real life would get all fluffy and kiss. But despite my complaints, I did have fun and am glad to have met with KCP and meet some new people. Just wish I wasn't broke, and had a car...that way I could actually go to other cons as well.
  • Listening to: Jar of Hearts
  • Reading: Clockwork Angel-Cassandra Clare


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